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Italy opens door to new Third World migration surge

Boatload of African men heading to Europe
Boatload of African men heading to Europe

Five EU countries have agreed to a new scheme to distribute illegal Third World migrants rescued from the Mediterranean around Europe in a deal to relieve political pressure from Italy’s new coalition government.

The plan will be presented to all 28 EU states next month in an attempt to share the Third World migrant newcomers across the wider EU.

As with previous pro-migration schemes, the plan is expected to be rebuffed by the likes of Hungary and Poland, but will go ahead regardless thanks to the efforts of the current Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, who said before a meeting with the French President Emmanuel Macron last week to discuss the plan: “The issue of immigration must no longer fuel anti-European propaganda.”

How sharing potentially tens of thousands of Third World migrants around the EU will help the cause of wider EU integration remains to be seen. And the native population of countries such as France and Germany, who are leading the scheme, are increasingly revolting at the ballot box at EU-sponsored open borders.

Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigration League party entered a coalition government with the supposedly anti-EU Five Star Movement last year and promptly introduced hardline laws to stop the Third World migrant influx into Italy. Salvini quit last month in an attempt to force an early election as his popularity rose and Conte’s nosedived. However, Conte’s Five Star Movement teamed up with the pro-EU Democratic Party (the main successor party of the old Italian Communist Party) and avoided the election despite Salvini saying: “They can’t escape the ballot box forever.”

However, the new Italian coalition government has moved quickly to try and forge a pan-EU migrant deal in an attempt to mitigate anti-immigration sentiment before the next national elections due in 2023.

Already they have overturned Salvini’s new rules preventing migrant-laden ships from docking in Italian ports.

Only time will tell whether native Italians (and the wider EU) accept this treacherous move which is expected to foster a new Third World migrant surge in the months and years ahead.

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