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Time To Disband Northumbria Police?

As Cleveland police, a force in the north east of England, is judged to be “inadequate in all areas”, observers are wondering why Northumbria Police isn’t facing the same judgement after a litany of scandals and failures over the years culminating in the judicial hounding of a protester in Sunderland who sought to expose their incompetence after a series of rapes and alleged sexual assaults in the city by migrants.

Cleveland Police could be disbanded after serious failings throughout the organisation were revealed.

So why isn’t Northumbria Police facing similar sanctions?

Just like Cleveland, the leadership of Northumbria Police has been failing for years with allegations of financial and sexual shenanigans at the very top dating back over a decade damaging the force during recent legal hearings.

The force’s record of dealing with serious sexual grooming by Muslim gangs in the region is extremely dubious after a recent trial in Newcastle collapsed.

It also has a track record of attempting to bury bad news concerning the incompetence of its officers at all levels.

Recently, the former Police and Crime Commissioner of Northumbria, the failed Labour politician Vera Baird, was implicated in corruption allegations the force was investigating involving party colleagues in Northumberland.

She quit earlier this year to take a plum job in London leading to an unnecessary and expensive by-election to find her replacement.

When a police force continues to fail repeatedly, yet little is done to remedy those failings, searching questions need to be asked about its future role and even existence.

As more and more ordinary people lose confidence in the force and its leadership, public feeling could get much worse if the situation within Northumbria Police is allowed to fester and people draw their own conclusions about recent events.

No need to send for Inspector Clouseau!