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BBC oppose British Revival

Time to bin the BBC?

In an unprecedented political attack, the flagship BBC 1 TV programme ‘Countryfile’ attacked the environmental arm of the Identitarian Movement in what was described as “hysterical and irresponsible journalism designed to alarm and agitate.”

British Revival has been established by former members of the nationalist youth group Generation Identity in order to provide an alternative to the mainstream media’s favourite environmental ‘rebels’ Extinction Rebellion.

The BBC hit piece highlighted the link with Generation Identity and demanded Facebook ban British Revival’s main social media page.

BBC censorship in action!

The organisers of British Revival remain undaunted and are determined to continue spreading their message on social media (for now!)

Britain’s newest patriotic movement attacked by the BBC!

Also at the weekend, Generation Identity UK rebranded as the Identitarian Movement. In a statement, the organisers said: “The Identitarian Movement launched in Birmingham with seminars on political theory and organisation and aims to peacefully raise awareness of replacement-level migration (the Great Replacement!)”

Meet the Identitarian Movement

Over the last twelve months, enormous pressure has been placed on GI UK organisers and activists by the liberal media and state-funded fake left ‘anti-fascist’ groups culminating in this latest attack by the BBC.

It is heartening to see the next generation of nationalist leaders and activists continue the political struggle despite these media and fake left attacks.

All Power To The Identitarians!