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The Jailing Of Billy Charlton

Local newspaper coverage of the protest in Sunderland that forced Northumbria Police to take action against migrant rapes in the city!

Last week, a protester against police incompetence in Sunderland was jailed for twenty one months at Newcastle Crown Court for ‘inciting racial hatred’ in the city.

The judicial crackdown arrived after a series of protests between 2016 and 2018 following a series of rapes and sexual assaults in the city allegedly carried out by Third World migrants, from largely Muslim areas of the world, some of which attracted over a thousand people.

Following a retrial, Northumbria Police finally had their revenge against Billy Charlton, one of the lead protesters, after police incompetence and political indifference was exposed during a number of speeches he made during the protests.

The north east of England is the region with the highest number of Syrian ‘refugees’ in the country after nearly twenty thousand were allowed to settle by the Tory government. However, following increasing public disquiet in the city after the spate of rape allegations, the ‘refugee’ dispersal programme was suspended by the UK Home Office after pleas by local Labour politicians.

The jailing of Billy Charlton has aroused considerable anger, not just in Sunderland, but the wider region, particularly since Northumbria Police continue to fail miserably at dealing with imported Third World crime and sexual grooming.

A local vlogger called ‘Morgoth’, one of a growing band in the north of England, has made this hard-hitting video about this travesty of justice in modern, multicultural England.

Billy Charlton jailed for telling the truth!