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When is ‘extremism’ not ‘extremism’?

Is support for open borders ‘extremism’?

Apparently not!

Is support for dumping Third World ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’ in white working class areas of the UK ‘extremism’?

Apparently not!

But should anyone dare to protest against such things, then not only is that ‘extremism’, but ‘hateful extremism’ as well, according to a new government-sponsored report.

Sara Khan (no laughing at the back!) as lead for the quaintly-named Commission for Countering Extremism (Kerching!) has produced a report on the growing tensions in many of the UK’s towns and cities as a result of the aforementioned open borders and ‘asylum seeker’ dispersal policy.

Predictably, she doesn’t condemn either of those policies, but blames activists, both local and national, for highlighting local concerns and organising protests and demonstrations demanding action from local authorities.

She singles out former English Defence League leader ‘Tommy Robinson’, the leader of the For Britain party, Anne Marie Waters, and the former leading light in Britain First, Jayda Fransen, along with local activist groups such as Justice for Women and Children, based in Sunderland.

Apparently, Khan visited twenty towns and cities across the UK and registered over three thousand responses in the course of her investigation.

Strangely (or not), she never spoke to any of the people she highlighted in her report and demanded stronger action from the government against them in response to growing concerns about open border immigration and ‘asylum seeker’ policies in those towns and cities.

Already, one leader of the demonstrations in Sunderland has been sent to prison after judicial hounding by the local police and both ‘Tommy Robinson’ and Jayda Fransen have been arrested and locked up as a result of their activities.

Something is badly going wrong with mass immigration and multiculturalism across the UK, but don’t expect any state-sponsored report to find the answers.

Jayda Fransen ‘nicked’ in Sunderland!