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Wrestling Back Collectivism From The Fake Left

Whilst avoiding the idiocy of the far-left! !

One of the noticeable traits of the modern fake left is their ability to attach themselves to any ethnic, religious or sexual ‘minority’ grievance and claim it as their own.

Whether it is the various trotskyite cults or the modern Labour Party, their ability to play so-called identity politics to their own advantage and gain political traction is one of the reasons contemporary politics in an imposed multicultural society is so bewildering to most native working class Brits.

Once upon a time, white working class Brits had political party that fought their corner and spoke their language, but those days are long gone.

All together now: “We’d like to teach the world to sing…..”

Arguably, this process started in the sixties, but the rot started well before that and had infected the very highest level of society even back in the thirties.

Some on the so-called Right think any attempt to play the politics of identity is a blind alley, particularly those inspired by North American libertarians and individualists.

Of course, the whole basis of politics is collective action and it is wrongheaded to vacate that particular ground simply to appease neo-liberal idealogues.

And the bedrock of nationalism is the defence and promotion of the homeland and the particular people who live in that land and the specific, identity, culture and customs they have created and continue to sustain.

Of course, old school nationalist activists understand all that and even had a magazine sponsoring that worldview.

Before the internet, newspapers and magazines ruled the world!

White working class people tend to understand and appreciate their specific identity more than other social groups because of historical circumstance and the material conditions they have endured over the centuries.

They know what it is like to be marginalised and ignored and will be the first to resist any attempt to do that again.

A young vlogger from the north east of England spells out the reasons why that style of politics should be fully embraced in a sixteen minute video based on his recent article in ‘The Iconoclast’ magazine concerning identity politics and why collectivism works.

Why Collectivism Works!