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Election Result Confirms Poles Want Poland For The Polish

The Polish general election at the weekend confirmed that the majority of Poles want Poland for the Polish and overwhelmingly reject globalism and open borders.

The conservative Law and Justice coalition (PiS) increased its majority in the Polish parliament winning 235 seats with 43.5% of the vote.

A new patriotic party called Konfederacja (Confederation) – a coalition of nationalists, monarchists and libertarians – gained enough support (6.8%) to enter parliament winning eleven seats after just missing out on MEPs at the recent EU election.

An exit poll from Sunday’s election (which is broadly correct) showing a record turnout post-communist rule of over 60% while illustrating the PiS landslide and Konfederacja breakthrough.

In the UK, nearly 100,000 ex-pat adult Poles are registered to vote back home and almost 90,000 cast their vote with Konfederacja polling a 15.4% share of the total vote, which is much higher than in Poland itself.

Back in Poland, the strongest support for Konfederacja comes from young people between 18 and 29 with just over 20% backing the nationalist coalition party.

Ruch Narodowy (National Movement), one of the nationalist parties making up the coalition, helps organise the annual Independence Day march in Warsaw which takes place every November.

This record support for the governing conservative coalition and the electoral breakthrough of a nationalist coalition despite that landslide conservative victory indicates Poles, both at home and abroad, want Poland to remain Polish (the only significant ethnic minority in Poland is German-speaking) and remain a bulwark of white Christian Europe.

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