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Mass Immigration Drives UK Population Growth

Despite growing pressure on basic health and social services, a tiny minority of people are still demanding that the NHS becomes an international health service rather than one dedicated to the health and welfare of the resident population in the UK.

No Borders will mean the end of the NHS!

And Britain’s population is set to exceed 70 million by mid-2031 with the number of people in the country expected to rise by 4.5% in the next ten years, from about 66.4 million in the middle of last year to 69.4 million by mid-2028, according to new analysis by the UK Office for National Statistics.

Net international migration is set to account for nearly 75% of the population growth, while more births than deaths will account for the rest, as should be expected. There is also going to be a growing number of older people, with the proportion aged 85 and over set to almost double over the next twenty five years.

The population is projected to reach 72.4 million in mid-2043. However, this projection is based on assumptions that women will have fewer children, with the expected total about 400,000 fewer in 2028 and 900,000 fewer in 2043 compared to earlier predictions.

However, if future UK governments don’t get a grip on mass immigration, both legal and otherwise, those projected figures could easily change again. Moreover, the birthrates of recent migrants tend to be much higher than the birthrates of the resident UK population.

According to these latest figures, England’s population is expected the grow the fastest meaning an already overcrowded country will become even more crowded thanks to the inability of successive British governments to control mass immigration.

As a result, England’s population is expected to grow at 5% between mid-2018 and mid-2028, compared with 3.7% in Northern Ireland, 1.8% in Scotland and 0.6% in Wales.

Migration Watch UK offers an excellent commentary via its social media feeds as it attempts to influence government policy on all matters relating to mass immigration and population growth.

Unless something is done to curtail immigration, pressure on health services and living standards will just get worse