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UK Universities Still “Monolithically White Places” Despite Great Replacement Drive

Following a report by the pro-diversity Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on the state of UK universities after decades of political correctness and mass immigration, some ethnic minority students and academics are still not happy, describing those institutions as still “monolithically white places”, according to a liberal newspaper survey, despite the UK still retaining a white European majority population (in most parts of the country anyway!)

The actual EHRC report has also come under attack for not using the magic word ‘racism’ to describe what is happening in UK universities and including instances of anti-white racial harassment within universities, much to the chagrin of the race relations industry who insist that non-white people can’t be ‘racist’.

The EHRC report also controversially included instances of anti-English feeling within Scottish and Welsh universities as tensions over Brexit and devolution impact student bodies in those institutions.

As freedom of speech comes under increasing attack within UK universities, thanks to the efforts of far-left activists, snowflake liberals and easily offended non-white students, senior managers at one London university have recently conceded that its record of addressing such offence (real or otherwise) is unacceptable after a report found ethnic minority students felt victimised and unsafe on campus.

The report – called ‘Insider-Outsider: the role of race in shaping the experience of black and minority ethnic students’ – found some students frequently experienced overt and indirect ‘racism’ from white peers and white staff and did not trust the university to handle their complaints.

About 45% of Goldsmiths, University of London students come from ethnic minority backgrounds, nearing tipping point immigration replacement levels. Some black students complained in the report – written by Sofia Akel, a researcher at Goldsmiths and a ‘race equality specialist’ – that white students had glamorised the word “Nigger” and had started to use it as a greeting.

In addition, 43% of the students complained they had experienced everyday so-called “racialised microaggression” such as students and staff asking about their nationality. Several female Muslim students said they refrained from wearing veils because of fear of being perceived as Islamist extremists.

The report connected this to ethnic minority students receiving lower grades than their white counterparts, also noting that 49% of those surveyed at the university felt that Goldsmiths’ courses did not represent the achievements of black and ethnic minority people

As a result, senior managers at Goldsmiths have agreed to establish mandatory race awareness training for staff, start a review of the complaints procedures and make efforts to recruit more ethnic minority senior managers.

This laughable report, prompting the immediate capitulation of the (presumably white liberal) university authorities, shows that there is little hope in some educational institutions and that just asking where a student originates from can cause immediate offence.

While the use of the word ‘Nigger’ as a friendly greeting by white students perfectly illustrates that multicultural propaganda has backfired on the very people hoping to benefit from such a state-enforced cultural transformation in what is still an overwhelmingly white European country.

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