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We Were Never Asked

Since the arrival of Empire Windrush in 1948 with over 500 immigrants from the West Indies following the end of World War Two, Britain has experienced unprecedented demographic change from a relatively homogeneous white European country to a so-called “super diverse” country in a growing number of places, including London, Birmingham, Luton, Leicester and Slough, where the native white English/British have become a minority already, thanks to mass immigration.

Despite immigration becoming a political hot potato over the decades culminating in the 2016 Brexit vote which was primarily about EU open borders and ongoing mass immigration from the Third World, the liberal politicians have failed to address the growing concern.

Despite that EU referendum vote in 2016, the British people were never asked if they favoured this demographic change, which is growing by the day, according to the UK census returns over the years..

A group of volunteers organised by the Yorkshire-based vllogger Laura Towler set out to ask a random group of two thousand native British people if they favoured such a transformation.

You will not be surprised at the conclusions of the survey. (Spoiler alert: seven out of ten opposed this transformation.)

One striking thing revealed by the survey is the fear that has been imposed on a growing number of people of all ages about even discussing the subject by state-enforced multiculturalism.

Laura has made a short documentary on the survey and its revealing findings, which you can watch on YouTube below.

Watch it quickly before it is banned!

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