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The Bizarre Political Journey of Bullyboy Bercow

One of the positive spin-offs of the Brexit referendum vote in 2016 has been the recent defenestration of Speaker Bercow from his perch in the House of Commons.

Originally, a teenage hard-right Tory activist, John Bercow eventually became the pontificating poster boy of the pro-EU metropolitan multicultural liberal elite.

Born in London in 1963 to a relatively humble Jewish family, whose real family name was Berkowitz, by the early eighties he was a keen supporter of the Monday Club, an anti-immigration traditionalist Tory ginger group, supporting assisted repatriation for Britain’s burgeoning non-white immigrant population.

After he graduated from university in 1985, he was the last leader of the hard-right Federation of Conservative Students until it was disbanded by the Tory party itself in 1987 for the radical right proclivities of its student activists.

He later denounced his youthful involvement with the Monday Club and when a Tory MP backed the 2001 party ban on MPs becoming members of the organisation., Before becoming a Tory MP in 1997, he worked as a merchant banker and later became a PR man (becoming a director in a Saatchi & Saatchi spin-off company) working with another Jewish Tory (and eventual MP for the party) Julian Lewis in training Tory candidates in the art of public speaking and communication.

Brexit crisis? Just be grateful for small mercies!

During the early part of his career as a Tory MP, he was regarded as a vociferous EU sceptic on the Thatcherite wing of the parliamentary party.

But he later began to shift position on various issues as his ambition to become Speaker of the House of Commons became obvious. As a result, in 2010, he was given top marks for his pro-homosexual stance over the years by a militant homosexual lobby group.

And just before he was elected Speaker in 2009, after the previous incumbent resigned over the House Of Commons expenses scandal, he was thought close to defecting to the Labour party, then still in government.

In 2002, he had married Sally Illman, originally a keen student Tory like himself previously. She later supported Tony Blair’s New Labour government and stood as a council candidate in London for the party in 2010, whilst married to Speaker Bercow.

Cucked: Bercow’s wife canvassing support!

She later conducted an extra-marital affair with Bercow’s cousin (not pictured in the clinch above!) prompting speculation the couple will soon divorce.

During his ten year tenure as Speaker, Bercow was involved in various scandals and controversies, including bullying allegations and uproar over his decisions concerning the Brexit process.

In the last few months of his tenure in 2019, he also saw fit to invite the pro-(New) Labour ‘anti-racist’ campaign group Hope not Hate to the House of Commons. Thereby completing with this final gesture, his bizarre political journey from an anti-immigration student activist to an advocate for the multicultural transformation of Britain.

Bercow with Hope not Hate’s Abbott & Costello tribute act!