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New UK “best of British” TV streaming service bans classic sitcoms

Eric Sykes and a ‘blackface’ Spike Milligan have starring roles in ‘Curry and Chips’, one of the sitcoms which is not available on a new multicult TV streaming service called Britbox!

A new TV streaming service which is meant to rival the likes of Netflix by offering classic British TV on demand has banned a number of classic comedy shows from the sixties and seventies.

Britbox, the new “best of British” streaming venture by the BBC and ITV, will not include popular TV shows now seen as “too offensive” and deemed “inappropriate” by politically correct TV bosses for modern audiences.

Along with ‘Curry and Chips’, the BBC’s military sitcom ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’, set in India during World War Two, has also been banned.

Windsor Davies and the Indian-born Michael Bates (suitably browned up) in ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’.

Another banned show is ITV’s 1970s ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ sitcom about a West Indian immigrant family living next door to a native English couple.

And the BBC’s ‘Till Death Us Do Part’, first broadcast in 1965, which featured the iconic Alf Garnett character and his family living in London before the native English/British population became a minority in many parts of the capital, will also not be available.

Banned by Britbox!

The very unBritish sounding Reemah Sakaan, the senior TV executive responsible for launching the subscription service, said: “We recomply everything that goes on to Britbox with modern viewing standards. There’s also the ability to create bespoke warnings around key programming.”

Seemingly without any sense of irony given the censorship already apparent as part of the new streaming service, Sakaan continued: “Ostensibly the other streamers are US-focused. UK audiences can feel a bit lost actually. In Britbox you are immediately in a world populated by people and faces and places you know.”

Thankfully, the ‘banned’ shows are still available to buy on DVD or view on YouTube (for now!)

‘Curry & Chips’ not banned yet!