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Corbyn heckler suspended by Church of Scotland

Magic Grandpa doesn’t impress baby either!

The Church of Scotland minister who heckled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on an election visit to Glasgow has been suspended by church authorities after the incident.

Rev. Richard Cameron accused Corbyn of being a “terrorist sympathiser” and asked him “who’s going to be the first terrorist invited to the House of Commons when you’re the prime minister?” He also made jibes about Corbyn’s tartan scarf claiming he should be wearing an “islamic jihad” scarf instead.

Until recently, the Reverend Cameron was active on social media making robust statements about various subjects which provoked the ire of the resident snowflakes who quickly denounced him to the church authorities.

Thanks to the incident in Glasgow, the religious theme has been maintained by Labour during the first week of election campaigning.

Future leadership contender and fervent Corbyn supporter Laura Pidcock, whose late father was a Catholic priest, upset the Organised Jewish Lobby (again!) by quoting the words of Jesus Christ on the cross at the launch of her campaign to be re-elected the MP for North West Durham in the north east of England.

You can watch her praising the Lord at her local election rally below.

Praise The Lord! And Offend The Jews!