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House building mania spreads across England

White Cliffs of Dover, England.

Thanks to mass immigration, England’s population is increasingly rapidly. As a result, the existing housing market can no longer cope and there is increasing pressure to build more homes.

All the main political parties in England have pledged to build more homes. And the number of new homes in England is at its highest level since the nineties with a madcap pledge to build even more as the population continues to expand due to EU open borders and mass immigration from around the world.

Time and Place Is Important Everywhere!

The Tory-run Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said 241,130 new homes were completed in 2018-19, more than at any time since housing data reports began in 1991 beating the previous record, under Labour, of 223,530 before the financial crash in 2007-o8.

The recent record number of homes has almost doubled in six years after falling to 124,720 in 2012-13. It also includes nearly 30,000 homes created through a change of use, including just over twelve thousand from former offices.

The Home Builders Federation claimed almost 380,000 more houses were planned over the next few years, but extra political support was needed to meet the current government’s target of building 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s.

The political support mentioned by the building companies are efforts to sweep away restrictive planning rules that hinders the destruction of the so-called ‘green belt’ between England’s burgeoning towns and cities.

If mass immigration continues at its present rate, then England’s much-vaunted countryside is under dire threat from the politicians and greedy developers.

This excellent twenty minute video from ‘Morgoth’s Review’ explores what is already happening in a tiny part of the north east of England.

Going, going, gone!