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Mother and Father to remain in Russia

St Basils Catherdal in Moscow
Symbol of Russian society

While the west continues its precipitous decline into insanity and population replacement it’s the former Soviet states which are demonstrating robust policies to maintain their identity. The likes of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia are refusing to accept migrants from Islamic countries and Africans. Hungary recently decided to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest claiming it’s an event for the LGBT+ propagandists.

Last Friday November 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin swept aside the notions of “parent one” and “parent two”, mentioned last February in France to replace, in administrative documents, the names of ” father ” and “mother”.

“You said the word ‘mother’ cannot be replaced. Turns out maybe it can: they’ve replaced it in some countries with ‘parent number one’ and ‘parent number two.’ I hope that never happens here,” Putin declared at a meeting of the Council for Inter-ethnic relations, a Kremlin advisory body.

In France, an amendment tabled by a member of the LREM, Valérie Petit, sought to delete, in several administrative documents – such as civil status records or school leaving permits – the words “father and mother”, to be replaced by “parent 1 and parent 2” as mentioned the text.

Certain families were finding themselves stuck in “rather old-fashioned social and family models,” Valerie Petit, an MP with President Emmanuel Macron’s ruling party REM, said in February.