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Finns Party most popular party in Finland

Finns Party leaders

According to a survey carried out by HS-Gallup the openly ethnic nationalist party Finns Party ( Perussuomalaiset ), formerly known as the True Finns would gain the most votes if an election was held today.

The survey, carried out for the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, showed that if an election was held today, the True Finns would garner more than 22.4 percent of the vote, making them the largest party in the country.

Research data shows that the True Finns enjoy widespread support throughout Finland which spans across various population groups and ages.

Like other populist parties operating throughout Europe, the Finns have positioned themselves as the only real alternative to the globalist visions adhered to by traditional center-right and center-left parties.

The poll also revealed that the Social Democrats, who won April’s parliamentary elections by a slim majority, slipped to the third most popular party in the country just after the centrist Coalition Party.

The Finns currently hold 33 of the Finnish Parliament’s 200 seats, have 2 MEPs and 770 elected representatives on local municipalities.