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Brexit Party candidate hospitalised by Labour thugs

Brexit candidate vehicle run off road by Labour Party thugs.

A Brexit candidate campaigning in Doncaster was left in hospital following an attack by Labour activists who ran his campaign vehicle off the road.

The attack took place on Thurs (5th) evening while Surjit Singh Duhre, who is standing for The Brexit Party in Doncaster Central, was reportedly being protected by a bodyguard after receiving ‘vile abuse’ during the campaign.

On social media last night, his colleague Andy Stewart, who is standing for Doncaster North for the same party, tweeted a picture of crash, with the trailer on its side.

He said: ‘So how bad can it get in Doncaster? Tonight they attempted to ram my colleague off the road. Car spun, trailer smashed, driver in hospital. How bad?’

Sources in The Brexit Party laid the blame for the incident upon local left-wing political activists.

The incident comes just days after Mr Singh Duhre was reportedly subjected to death threats by a man in Doncaster who said ‘I’m going to kill you,’ as reported by The Star.

His colleague, Andy Stewart, who is standing for the nearby Doncaster North seat, said on Twitter: ”Today the threats and the vile abuse we have been subjected to went to a whole new level.