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UK media silent about EU state police brutality

Anti-Macron protests continue in Paris
Anti-Macron protests continue in Paris

Tens of thousands of citizens have been taking to the streets of a capital in protest against reforms imposed by their discredited and deeply unpopular leader. Uniformed thugs recruited as the regime’s enforcers are filmed firing volleys of tear gas rounds and repeatedly striking, punching and kicking unarmed protesters including young women and pensioners. Yet the media in the UK remains strangely silent.

This is not Hong Kong, Moscow or Beirut. This is Paris which (after Brussels) is the closest European capital city to London. Days of protests by taxpayers and government workers against planned reforms to pensions for millions of French workers have witnessed ugly scenes in Paris and elsewhere across France.

Yet the BBC has nothing to report on the protests and the State violence meted out to the demonstrators, activities which have been taking place on the soil of our closest continental neighbour:

Neither has The Guardian, the newspaper of the self-righteous liberals:

A search of today’s Telegraph also draws a blank which is surprising given that the hard-line Conservative supporting broadsheet is a fierce critic of both the EU and Macron.

Why the appalling silence?

Are the numerous clips showing police brutality posted on social media fabricated?

Here is a selection:

The neo-liberals running the show across EU states in the Western part of the pact will use any force necessary to push through their agendas.