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Britain has become a country where civil rights are being used as a political mechanism for social change. The enactment of the first Race Relations Act in 1965 and various amendments to it since, have resulted in a two tier system of justice in Britain.

Access to justice is dependent solely upon one’s ethnicity, skin colour and political beliefs and not on the actual harm one has suffered. Whilst ethnic minority groups and organised Leftist groups have State funded legal aid and legal assistance to call upon at any time, the indigenous people of Britain have no charitable associations or legal groups set up specifically to assist them in their fight for social and civil justice.

This has resulted in the creation of a legal and political system where the interests of minorities take precedence over the rights of the majority. This is neither just nor democratic. Pressure groups now have the power to lobby governments and take on legal cases through the courts that are increasingly usurping the interest of the British people as a whole and merely empowering and enriching the cabal of solicitors, barristers and politicians that represent those interest groups.

Slippery slope

The slippery slope to tyranny begins when those who are the self appointed defenders of liberty for everyone no longer have the moral courage to defend the very principles they were set up to defend.

For example banks are willing to close down accounts of political and campaigning organisations which are not part of the mainstream political establishment. Barclays closed down the bank accounts of the British National Party over a decade ago but no banks in Britain ever closed down the bank accounts of the IRA during the times of the troubles. This may well be due to the fact that the Sinn Fein/IRA was a £300 million a year organisation during those times.

Civil Liberty is an independent organisation that has been set up to consider and possibly represent and fund the legal cases of any individuals or organisations that apply to it for assistance. It is independent of political parties, and has been set up solely in order to assist the thousands of British citizens who have been denied justice on the grounds of their race, skin colour, ethnicity or political opinion.


Those that have suffered from persecution for following the indigenous and ancestral religions of Britain are also free to apply for assistance to Civil Liberty.

The rights, careers and jobs of any individuals in Britain who refuse to follow the dictates of the Blair government and its Liberal Fascist ideology of Political Correctness are under constant attack by the government and its army of NGOs and Quangos that now run Britain. These campaigns of political persecution are modern manifestations of the McCarthyite trials of 1950’s America.

Unless those who care about civil liberties in Britain begin to fight for our fundamental rights as a community then political correctness and moral cowardice will replace those ancient freedoms and our community and our rights will be destroyed forever.