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Tag: Tommy Robinson

Cage-Rattler Caged

The free speech activist ‘Tommy Robinson’ was jailed for nine months at the Old Bailey in London yesterday. Following the verdict, a number of his…

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EU UK (rule OK?)

The dust has just about settled following last week’s EU elections and the clear winner in the UK is Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party winning 29…

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After the Fox?

A former cadre of the Revolutionary Communist Party called Claire Fox has been chosen as the lead candidate for the Brexit Party in the north…

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Twitter titters

For the discerning political anorak, Twitter can be a revelation. Not only can you follow your favourite political commentator and activist (assuming they are not…

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No free speech

A conference in London advocating restrictions on free speech, attended by the Labour MP Diane Abbott, a very close ally of the Labour leader, Jeremy…

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