About Us

Britain is increasingly becoming a country where civil rights are being used as a political mechanism for social change. The enactment of the first Race Relations Act in 1965 and various amendments to it since, have resulted in a two tier system of justice in Britain.

Access to justice is dependent solely upon one's ethnicity, skin colour and political beliefs and not on the actual harm one has suffered. Whilst ethnic minority groups and organised Leftist groups have State funded legal aid and legal assistance to call upon at any time, the indigenous people of Britain have no charitable associations or legal groups set up specifically to assist them in their fight for social and civil justice.

This has resulted in the creation of a legal and political system where the interests of minorities take precedence over the rights of the majority. This is neither just nor democratic. Pressure groups now have the power to lobby governments and take on legal cases through the courts that are increasingly usurping the interest of the British people as a whole and merely empowering and enriching the cabal of solicitors, barristers and politicians that represent those interest groups.

The civil rights organisation Liberty refused to represent the British National Party in 2003 when Barclays Bank closed down their bank accounts. As a result of this failure to defend the right of the BNP as a democratic and lawful political party to hold bank accounts in Britain and to operate as a lawful political party and abide by the accounting rules of the Electoral Commission, other bank accounts of Palestinian charities supporting victims of the conflict in Israel were also closed down. From this we learn that a failure by the civil rights organisation Liberty to defend the principle of a right to a bank account for the BNP and all other lawful political and charitable organisations with bank accounts in Britain resulted in the denial of that right to a bank account not just to the BNP, but other organisations the banks wanted to close down as well.

Slippery slope

The slippery slope to tyranny begins when those who are the self appointed defenders of liberty for everyone no longer have the moral courage to defend the very principles they were set up to defend.  

It is a sad irony that whilst Barclays were willing to close down the bank accounts of the BNP, no banks in Britain ever closed down the bank accounts of the IRA during the times of the troubles. This may well be due to the fact that the Sinn Fein/IRA was a £300 million a year organisation during those times.

Civil Liberty is an independent organisation that has been set up to consider and possibly represent and fund the legal cases of any individuals or organisations that apply to it for assistance. It is independent of political parties, and has been set up solely in order to assist the thousands of British citizens who have been denied justice on the grounds of their race, skin colour, ethnicity or political opinion.


Those that have suffered from persecution for following the indigenous and ancestral religions of Britain are also free to apply for assistance to Civil Liberty.

The rights, careers and jobs of any individuals in Britain who refuse to follow the dictates of the Blair government and its Liberal Fascist ideology of Political Correctness are under constant attack by the government and its army of NGOs and Quangos that now run Britain. These campaigns of political persecution are modern manifestations of the McCarthyite trials of 1950's America.

Unless those who care about civil liberties in Britain begin to fight for our fundamental rights as a community then political correctness and moral cowardice will replace those ancient freedoms and our community and our rights will be destroyed forever.   

As Civil Liberty is an independent, non-political organisation autonomous of any political party in Britain then anyone from anywhere in the world can donate as much money as they wish to Civil Liberty.

New groups

Civil Liberty also intends to set up the following organisations:

A)     An Independent Advisory Group

This will be an organisation set up to recruit and organise legal professionals who would be willing to work with Civil Liberty on legal cases that are brought to the attention of Civil Liberty. A 24 hour phone line will be set up so that people can report examples of anti-white racism, police malpractice and anti-white racial attacks so that such cases can be assessed quickly and found legal representation. The Advisory Group will also assist young people who wish to go to university and study law with small donations for their education and also provide formal assistance in finding them jobs after graduation.

B)      Civil Rights Campaign Group

This will be an organisation that will be composed of activists interested in holding civil rights marches, demonstrations, vigils and other activities in order to publicise issues of concern to Civil Liberty and our community and to attend future court cases or to highlight specific examples of miscarriages of justice or official inaction or wrongdoing. The Government and the Police will only act to defend our interests as a community when we are capable of taking our legitimate demands for justice onto the street and initiating campaigns for our rights to be protected. Therefore we will be building an activist base of legally trained individuals capable of undertaking civil rights demonstrations with the intention of publicising cases and issues.

C)     Community Monitoring Groups

Community Monitoring Groups will be locally based units of Civil Liberty who will receive specific legal training and financial assistance from Civil Liberty in order for them to work with local people and the authorities in that area in relation to ongoing problems in that community. The Community Monitoring Groups will be issued with video cameras and mobile phones and will work with local people and victims of crime to film, gather evidence and prepare legal cases against those who are causing problems in communities and also against the police and councils who refuse to assist local people and indigenous Britons for reasons of political correctness and cowardice.

Those interested in getting involved please contact us.