Police collusion over blacklist database exposed

5th March 2012

Civil Liberty correspondent

Computer database involved security services
Computer database involved security services
A disturbing report in the Observer newspaper which highlights police and security service collusion over a blacklist database funded by the construction industry which contained over 3000 names could result in further legal action.

The Consulting Association, which compiled the database, was later closed down and the individual who compiled the database of mainly trade union activists and other "troublemakers", Ian Kerr, was prosecuted and fined 5000 after the involvement of major companies in the construction industry was exposed by the Information Commissioners, the body responsible for policing and monitoring data collection by private and public bodies.

One of the workers on the list, Dave Smith, said: "If managers on a building site don't like the fact that I am a safety rep because it affects the profit and the deadlines, then I understand why they might do it. I disagree with it. I think it is wrong, but I can understand it."

He continued: " But for the police to be involved is appalling. This is the state linking up with big business basically...... I have not done anything illegal. I am a member of a trade union. I have worked in an attempt to improve health and safety on building sites and yet it appears my employers, the state, security services and the police have been conspiring against me."

It is well documented that the police and security services in the UK monitor political activists and dissidents who are engaged in legitimate political activity.

In the North East of England, Northumbria Police even fund a far-left group, the Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Association (TWAFA), to monitor nationalist activists and dissidents. TWAFA is also funded by Labour-run local councils in Tyne & Wear and certain trade unions.

The nexus between the police, the state, big business and state friendly far-left groups is truly frightening.

Moreover, the corrupt multicultural British state's involvement with the globalist media has also been recently exposed after a "corrupt network" of officials was discovered supplying sensitive information to various newspapers.

Ironically, one of the individuals complaining about his inclusion on the database is Steve Hedley, an official for the main transport trade union, the RMT, which has been hijacked by a faction of the far-left.

Hedley complains that the collusion between the security services and the database compilers "smacks of a sort of police state."

However, Hedley himself is not keen on freedom of speech and freedom of association for political opponents. One of the reports collected by the database details his involvement in an attempt to disrupt a BNP delegation laying a wreath at the Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Sunday.

Recently, Hedley landed in hot water after calling pro-Israel supporters who attended a union meeting "modern day Nazis".

He also seems, according to his public statements, very keen on the government currently in control of Cuba, a regime which is an overt one party police state that doesn't just monitor political activists but throws them in jail as well!

What is the difference between those who are building a police state in the UK and those who condone a police state overseas?

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